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HeForShe UN Women Film Series

Our month long film series in London has come to an end. Throughout March, we watched powerful British films with strong women leads.

For the last film, we were lucky enough to have Gemma Arterton and Stephen Woolley join us for a chat.

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Love food? Love equality? Us too!

Kicking off on March 8 and running throughout 2017, UN Women is inviting you to get together with friends and family in support of gender equality. 

Give girls choices over their body and their future

In March, UN Women NC UK hosted an event to look at what's happening globally to end FGM.

Comfort Momoh MBE (FGM Consultant and Public Health Specialist) and Joy Clarke (FGM Specialist Midwife) shared stories about women they had met and helped to overcome FGM. 

Comfort and Joy, who work tirelessly in the UK and abroad, believe FGM is decreasing slightly in most countries. But there is still a long way to go before we can celebrate zero tolerance. We must remain vigilant and continue to campaign against FGM across the world.

Sadly, for many young girls, it is still a way of life.

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Apr 26

Corporate Advisory Group (CAG) Debrief on the sixty-first session of the Commission on the Status of Women

The Gherkin - May 9th

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