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UN Women supports programmes across the world that promote women’s human rights, their economic and political empowerment and gender equality. During 2013, our fundraising in the UK specifically supports three areas of UN Women’s programme work:

UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women

The UN Trust Fund is a leading global grant-making mechanism exclusively dedicated to addressing violence against women and girls in all its forms. To date, the UN Trust Fund has delivered more than USD 95 million to 368 initiatives in 132 countries and territories. Watch this short film on the impact of the Fund:

Cambodia: improving the bamboo handicraft industry to enhance women’s economic empowerment

The UN Women Cambodia Office will be working with local partners to implement this 2-year project which has started in 2012. It is already being supported by our colleagues in the UN Women National Committees in Japan and Singapore and our involvement will help to ensure that the project can meet its objectives.

80% of the population in Cambodia lives in rural areas where there is very high unemployment. Traditional attitudes result in barriers to women’s education and training which limit their job opportunities. Many are forced to migrate to find work but the evidence is that where women are supported in taking on income generating activities in their communities they can build up sustainable businesses. The bamboo handicrafts industry has considerable potential and the vast majority of producers are women, but production and selling have been inefficient and markets have not been developed.

About 300 households in Kampong Chhnang province will be involved in the project. The skills of producers will be developed so they can improve productivity and quality control, understand more about marketing and manage their own businesses successfully. The links between producer groups and buyers will be improved so that through the programme the women will have better access to both local and international markets.

Africa: the African Young Women Leadership Program (AYWLP)

AYWLP is a 4-year UN Women initiative that started in 2010. Its aim is to contribute to the empowerment of young women in Africa by offering them opportunities to develop their professional skills and become agents of change. Implementing partners include local and regional women’s organisations, relevant governmental institutions and other UN agencies.

We will be supporting one of the AYWLP components which is ‘ELeWa: Emerging leaders to Watch’. ELeWa is a Kiswahili word meaning ‘to cultivate a deeper understanding’. This programme aims to develop the understanding, capacities and opportunities of talented and motivated young African women as a long term strategy to promote their leadership and participation in all spheres of life. The practical support that will be offered through ELaWa includes induction courses, professional training and supervision, mentorship and networking opportunities.

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