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Our private sector partners play a huge part in our work. Take a look at the ways your company can become a member of our partner network and commit to helping us move towards gender equality in the UK and abroad.

Our partnership network

In 2012, we brought together our corporate partners as the Corporate Advisory Group. Today, our network of private sector supporters and partners is much wider, and even more central to our work. The private sector will be critical in moving the needle on gender equality in the UK and around the world, and we invite companies to apply to join up, and create huge value both for us and for their own organisations.

As a partner, we will support you with guidance, materials and a seat at the most important tables, helping to shape the future of UK gender policy and behaviour. With our partners, we are constantly seeking creative ways to address the lingering barriers to parity - whether it be solutions that help women to advance in the workplace, fairer supply chain management, or consumer engagement efforts.  

We are proud to work with a vibrant and diverse group of passionate private sector partners. Get in touch with us to see how you could fit into this group.

The goals of our partnership network

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